Academic year schedule 2023/2024

Annual three-semester course

          3.07.2023 - 31.08.2024

Annual two-semester course

          15.09.2023 - 31.08.2024

Two-month course

          15.09.2023 - 13.12.2023

Semi-annual semester course

          8.01.2024 - 31.08.2024

Annual online course

          2.10.2023 - 31.05.2024

Semi-annual online course

          8.01.2024 - 31.05.2024


15 years of experience
We graduated 1313 students
98% success rate of admission
99% go to state universities

About Us

Welcome to Rener Education - your bridge to the future through learning the Czech language and integration into the rich culture of the Czech Republic!

We are the only language school in the South-Czech region that provides comprehensive support in the field of language and academic training. Go from basic skills to professional knowledge of the Czech language with our school. The courses are designed to meet the diverse needs of foreigners living and working in the Czech Republic, as well as those who seek free education in this amazing country. We offer not just language courses, but also a unique opportunity to pass the state exam directly with us.

Our team is a group of professionals who not only teach the language, but also create unique methodological materials, ensuring the relevance and effectiveness of your training. We actively cooperate in international projects and grants, striving to provide innovative approaches and teaching methods for our cadets.

At Rener Education, we don't just teach the language - we help you integrate into Czech society, find friends and build a career. From the first day of training and throughout the course, you will be surrounded by like-minded people with whom you can share your experience, joys and achievements. Our educational platform brings together students from all over the world, providing a unique environment for the exchange of cultural and linguistic knowledge. Your desire to learn and develop with us enriches our global community, and we appreciate every student who chooses our path in learning and integration.

Join Rener Education and start your fascinating journey into the world of Czech language and culture today! Contact us to learn more about the unique offers of our courses and start your journey to successful integration in the Czech Republic.

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Reviews from our students

Yulia Chramcovastudent

Just a year ago I could not think that I would become a student at one of the best economic universities in the Czech Republic and live in Prague, in the center of Europe. I achieved all this thanks to the language courses Rener Education 2018/2019. We had excellent professional teachers who were not only able to teach us the language at the required level for further study at the university, but also provided a friendly and understanding atmosphere. These amazing people gave us the necessary support at such a difficult transition stage of life and tried to help in any situations related to both studies and everyday problems that we had to face in a new unfamiliar country.

During the course, we were introduced to Czech culture, helped with choosing universities, submitting documents and solving organisational issues, for which I am grateful to the school administration. And most importantly, this year has given us many pleasant acquaintances and happy memories, which, of course, unite all students of Rener Education 2018/2019 and make us one big international family

Iryna Subbotinastudent's mother

A year ago, we were just collecting a package of documents for a visa, and today, thanks to Rener Education, our daughter has become a student at the Business Academy Czech Budejovice. The year flew by quickly, my daughter turned 16 in the Czech Republic, and despite her young age, adaptation to a foreign country went quickly, for which special thanks to Tamara Marakhovskaya, who was always there, helping with preparing and submitting documents to school. My mother's heart was calm, because despite the democratic order, the children were in good conditions and under supervision. I was very pleased with the organization of the excursions; my daughter saw not only the beauty of the Czech Republic, but also visited the Christmas market in Dresden.

I know that there were many places where we were invited to go, it's nice that Rener tried to diversify the children's leisure time. I sincerely wish success to the children and the entire staff of the Rener Education school, good luck and prosperity!

David Papoyanstudent

An excellent language school where, if the student is willing and diligent, they really help you learn Czech. Of course, no one will do all the work for you, it's worth studying on your own, but the school provides more than a sufficient basis for your Czech. All thanks to a professional team of teachers who know their job well. Training is immediately conducted in Czech, which is why immersion in the language occurs very quickly. I would especially like to highlight the office's work with documents, when the emigration process is made step-by-step and as simple as possible for everyone, as well as assistance with choosing a university and simply almost 24-hour support. Many thanks to all the staff for the knowledge gained here!